Is mental health important?

Is mental health important?. Let’s talk about it. We humans often focus on physical health, how we look, or if our body is in shape. We often forget to focus on our mental health. mental health is like one leg and another leg is physical health. You can’t perform if you lose any portion. Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health. We are so busy in 2022 that we often ignore mental health. Some people think that the world works like that, and everyone feels like that or who doesn’t have problems in their lives. They often get confused problems in their life with mental health. This is mind-boggling. So Is mental health important?  That’s the right question. Before we go ahead let’s learn about mental health and how to acknowledge it before it’s too late. 

Mental Health:


Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects our emotions like how we feel, thinks, and act. Mental health also helps to determine how to handle stress, our relationships with others, and our choices in life. Most simply, Mental health is how well are you emotionally. Mental health may affect an individual’s ability to lead a healthy life. Mental health plays an important role from childhood to senior adulthood. Mental health, as defined by the Public Health Agency Of Canada is an individual’s capacity to feel, think, and act in ways to achieve a better quality of life while respecting personal, social, and cultural boundaries. 

People often think that mental health problems happen when you are a teen or an adult. That’s a big misconception. It can happen to any of us. The pandemic has created a global crisis for mental health. People have suffered a lot. They are depressed. Some have lost their loved ones, and some lost their businesses/jobs. Some people are still fighting mental health. We must know the symptoms of bad mental health. There are certain things to check If you’re mentally healthy or not. 

How To Know If You’re Having Trouble With Mental Health?

Nowadays People don’t want to talk about it because they think that they will be judged. Some people think that others will think of them as a weaker but most of the time we don’t know if we’re not mentally fit. First of all, you should know it’s okay to talk about it, We all are humans after all. There are a few symptoms of bad mental health:

If You’re constantly feeling sad or having a depressed mood, Changes in appetite — weight loss or gain but not due to dieting, having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, loss of energy or increased fatigue, feeling worthless, difficulty in thinking, concentrating or making decisions, thoughts of death or suicide.

How To Improve It?

If you really want to improve it or get over it, You gotta take action. First of all talk about it. Staying quiet will make it worse only and nobody will know about it. There are proven ways of getting rid of it. There are a few ways:

1: Medication:

First of all, see a doctor. Have courage and don’t be ashamed because you haven’t done anything wrong. Brain chemistry may contribute to an individual’s mental health and may factor into their treatment. For this reason, antidepressants might be prescribed to help modify one’s brain chemistry. These medications are not sedative. This is a time taking process. You may see improvement after a month or two depending on the situation. 

2: Psychotherapy Or Talk Therapy: 

Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy is sometimes used alone for the treatment of mild depression. For moderate to severe mental health, psychotherapy is often used along with antidepressant medications. Depending on the severity of mental health, treatment can take a few weeks or much longer. In many cases, significant improvement can be seen in 10 to 15 sessions.

3: Meditation And Physical Exercises: 

There are several things people can do to help reduce the symptoms of bad mental health. For many people, regular exercise and meditation helped them create a positive feeling and improved their moods. Getting enough quality sleep regularly, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding alcohol (a depressant) can also help reduce its symptoms of it.

4: Other Ways: 


Bad mental health is a real illness and help is available. With proper diagnosis and treatment, the vast majority of people with bad mental health can overcome it. If you’re comfortable then You can talk to your family and your friends too. They know you so well, they can help you overcome it. If you’re feeling sad or depressed, You can spend time with them. It can help. It will make you feel more positive and strong. 

In addition, I want to tell you that you’re not alone. You’re important and you’re loved. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Thank you so much for reading it. 

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